Cindy Shearin
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[Manhattan Beach/Redondo Beach, California]

The Shearin Group, Strand Hill Christie's International, Manhattan Beach, CA



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Cindy Shearin’s resources and skills reach far beyond that of the average real estate agent. She is well known for her skill in designing, building, and rehabbing properties, in addition to expert handling of the traditional aspects of real estate transactions.

“Several of my family members were developers,” she explains. “At an early age, I was fascinated by the total process of the design and building of new homes.”

Therefore, when Shearin moved to California nearly 30 years ago, she began her career in real estate sales and development. “I was very fortunate to find myself in the desirable South Bay community [consisting of Manhattan Beach, Hermosa Beach, Redondo Beach, and Palos Verdes].” she says. “I was also fortunate to affiliate myself with the best real estate agents, brokers, contractors, and subcontractors.”

Now in real estate for almost 28 years, Shearin has a deep pool of resources at her disposal. For almost three decades, she has participated in the design––both exterior and interior––and construction of dozens of properties, including three of her own residences from the ground up. “Because I’m skilled and experienced at design through construction, I’m able to offer services to my clients that other Realtors can’t,” she says. “People think of my team, The Shearin Group, as being a one-stop-shop to prepare a property for market, whether a primary residence, vacation home, or investment opportunity. In addition, we are equipped to fully or partially stage a home’s interior to showcase its best features, as well as partially or fully rehab a property in order to generate the maximum return for the seller. In general, the large majority of buyers respond to a home that’s current and in move-in condition. We analyze what should be done to maximize the value of every property we list. This list is then priced out and reviewed with the owner(s) for optimal results.”

Shearin describes her work style as being “very hands-on.” So it’s no surprise that when clients offer feedback, she hears things like: reliable, hardworking, knowledgeable, and thorough. “I truly have an understanding of the marketplace and give clients the proper guidance and input needed to maximize their return,” she says. “I have an excellent reputation in my community, not only with my clients, neighbors, and friends, but also with my real estate peers. That goes a long way when advocating on behalf of my clients since other agents know I will be a thorough partner in a transaction.” Every client relationship starts with education. “Each area and market segments vary. Our first step is to analyze the current market condition (immediate tier and secondary tier) and propose any and all needed enhancements to properly position the property in today’s market," she explains.

It’s clear Shearin is passionate about every aspect of the real estate business, but it’s the lasting relationships she forms with clients that she finds incredibly rewarding. “Everyone buys or sells a home for different reasons,” she observes. “Sometimes it’s because a family is growing, or because they find themselves empty nesters. During the years I’ve been in the business, I’ve been fortunate enough to grow with many families and be part of these different steps,” she says. “Being able to be part of people’s lives and helping them make the next transition as smooth as possible is very satisfying.”

After almost three decades in the business, Shearin has witnessed significant changes to real estate. “There is so much more data and information readily available, and social media also plays an important role,” she says. “We have grown with the changes and have a person on the team dedicated to making sure we have an effective online presence. It’s important for sellers to have their homes listed with someone who is in tune with the changing real estate market of today.” She also notes that more and more international buyers are being drawn to the area. “Therefore, we have to make sure they can find us, too,” she adds. When it comes to the future of her career in real estate, one thing is clear. “I can’t imagine not being in the business,” she says.

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