Cindy Shearin: Top Five Reasons To Live In Manhattan Beach

Cindy Shearin

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Editor's Note: Cindy Shearin of The Shearin Group gives her top five reasons to live in Manhattan Beach, California!

Cindy Shearin April 2021 blogPhoto Credit: Linda Cotter

While there are hundreds of reasons Manhattan Beach and the South Bay in Southern California are one of the most desirable places to live in the US, here are the TOP 5:

1. Lifestyle:

If you seek a refined yet relaxed community, then Manhattan Beach is the perfect place to call home. Known for its comfortable lifestyle, beautiful beaches, and quaint shopping villages. Manhattan Beach is two miles of beautiful coastline with wide sandy beaches and views of the Catalina Islands. Here, everyone stops to watch the sunset as a part of daily life...all made easy by the near-perfect weather year-round.

2. Excellent restaurants & lively nightlife:

From Manhattan Beach to the Palos Verdes Peninsula, one can easily find seaside hotspots and great restaurants for foodies (many with famous chefs), fun nightlife, and endless special events for the whole family.

3. Daily, weekly, & annual events:

The South Bay calendar of events is full of fun activities to choose from. From charity races to surf contests, bike races, and volleyball tournaments both pro & amateur, these active beach cities are always humming with energy.

4. Proximity to Los Angeles:

Manhattan Beach & The South Bay are just a short drive to Los Angeles, downtown, Beverly Hills, and LAX Airport. This makes an easy commute for those working in greater LA or the traveling business professional.

5. Excellent Schools:

One of the major draws to Manhattan Beach and the South Bay for families is the excellent public school system. These communities are brimming with some of the top public and private schools in Los Angeles County, with top educators, and award-winning campuses known for Blue, Green, and Gold Ribbon award standing. Academic standing and sports programs in the different schools make these campuses feeder schools into some of the nation's top colleges.

There are many reasons to call Manhattan Beach and The South Bay home. Along with the many choices for local enjoyment and the ultimate daily lifestyle, there are also endless opportunities for business and personal enjoyment just outside one's door in greater Los Angeles and throughout the state of California. The ability to actually go from snow skiing to surfing in the same day can only be had right here in Southern California!

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