Cindy Shearin On Why It Is Better To Work With A Professional Real Estate Agent

Cindy Shearin

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Editor's Note: Southern California real estate expert Cindy Shearin of The Shearin Group explains the reasons why having a professional real estate agent is an asset when it comes to buying or selling a home.

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Why is it better for homeowners to have a real estate agent sell their home, or help them look for one, instead of doing it by themselves?

"One may ask...why would anyone want to sell their own home? After three decades as a premier Manhattan Beach real estate agent, we see this scenario often. People think that trying to sell their property themselves will save them money on commissions. But more often than not, sellers end up netting less than they could have if the transaction were handled by a professional. An experienced agent like myself can often generate multiple offers leading to a higher sales price. These potential sales are often delicate and need an expert to evaluate and properly position the home for market. Stylizing, staging, positioning, and pricing are all essential elements for the best outcome,” shares Cindy Shearin of The Shearin Group.

A Unique Skill Set

Unique to The Shearin Group is the combination of Cindy's skills that save her clients' money. Her four areas of expertise developed over many years of experience and market study: Interior and Exterior Design, Real Estate Marketing, Ground-up Construction, and Real Estate Development and Financing. Each area has its own set of complexities that can be employed to maximize a client's return.

These skills can significantly affect a client's wallet is in preparing a home for sale by employing her 'A to Z' exercise where Cindy's assess a property to go to market. With Cindy's construction knowledge, she will evaluate the cost versus return of any upgrades and use marketing knowledge for the best marketing vehicles to promote the property. Meanwhile, Cindy's interior design talents lead to the most effective staging decisions. Often, clients are advised to hire expensive staging companies to sell a home, but Cindy's saves clients' money by staging with the minimum amount of expenditure. "We may bring in accessories and do some minor repairs if necessary, but with my design/marketing skills, we can usually make a home striking and market-ready with a very targeted and limited budget," explains Shearin.

"Also, one gains an unmatched marketing network with a Christie's International agent like myself. With a global marketing program including 138 affiliate firms worldwide and more than 32,000 international agents in which to network, not to mention the agency takes on these expenses as part of what we offer our clients, it makes working with an agent indisputable."

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Cindy Shearin is the exclusive agent representing the Manhattan Beach/Redondo Beach, California real estate market as a member of the Haute Residence Real Estate Network. View all of her listings here

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