The Estates At Acqualina Residences Home Offices Highlight $100 Million In Sales Over 28 Days

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The Estates at Acqualina is leading the way in attracting luxury buyers to Sunny Isles Beach and South Florida with the addition of a curated home office being a highly sought amenity, helping sales of the development reach over $100 million in the last 28 days.

The Estates at Acqualina - home offices - August 2020 2

Ravello Home Office

Photo Credit: ArX Solutions

"Before, people would take a small bedroom not in use and turn that into an office," says Michael Goldstein, President of Sales at The Estates at Acqualina. "With more people moving to South Florida for their primary residence, we created large offices that attach onto a balcony. An executive can go from the private office to the balcony and enjoy great views."

The bespoke home office designs have been a driving force for the development's continued success in sales. "We did over $100 million of business in the last 28 days. The last four weeks have been very busy with people coming from the Northeast, and they are looking for large residences," continues Goldstein.

The Estates at Acqualina recently topped off its South Tower and reopened the sales gallery that had been closed to the public during the pandemic.

The Estates at Acqualina - home offices - August 2020 1

Amalfi Home Office

Photo Credit: ArX Solutions

"With the commercial and residential changes that the pandemic has brought about, the luxury market is responding quickly to demand," says Isabel Tragash, Principal at STA Architectural Group. "We decided to develop luxury home offices, teaming up with Luxury Living to curate these wonderful spaces. The amazing views and natural light are taken full advantage of in the Ravello office, for example. Lighting is extremely important in the context of having these shared screen meetings, to complement your features and the background. When the chair is in front of a window, we have roll-down shades that allow the view in without the glare. When not, the wall is treated so it is a nicely composed background, as in the Amalfi office.

Sound-absorbing materials prevent an echo. We compensate sound with rugs, wall coverings with sound-absorbant qualities, and softer materials to enhance the acoustics of your voice on the receiving end. It's important that you look good, your background looks good, and that your voice is clear and free of echo.

These offices have a good feel, look elegant, and can receive family and business acquaintances for a meeting in a private setting. Most offices open up to a balcony that makes the conversation a little more informal, with amazing views.

You want your desks to be free of exposed cables and wires, so it's important to think of how to feed cables. It's important when you're selecting the furniture how they will be serviced. Certain outlets on the floor are concealed to keep a clean and elegant look."

Residences at The Estates at Acqualina will be priced from $4.6 – $14.5 million to $32 million for penthouses. Sales Gallery Address: 17895 Collins Avenue, Sunny Isles Beach, Florida; Telephone: 305.933.6666; Website:

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