Naples Real Estate Market Update, With Dante DiSabato

Dante DiSabato

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Editor's Note: With the summer in full swing, we sat down with Naples real estate expert Dante DiSabato to catch up on the market in Southwest Florida.

Do you find a lot of people moving to Naples this time of year?

It has been a strange summer because we have been very busy with real estate in Naples. We have had, by far, our busiest summer ever and don’t see a stop in sight based on the market trends.

Dante DiSabatoPhoto Credit: Matt Steeves Photography

Are there any new areas in your market where you have seen a lot of growth?

There isn’t a specific physical area, but just in general there’s been more growth throughout Naples. And, in fact, more and more people are becoming year-round versus seasonal.

What amenities are buyers requesting more this time of year in their new homes?

The biggest amenity that people are looking for is outdoor living areas featuring yards and pools. These are very important to people in these unprecedented times. In case there is another lockdown or outbreak people want to be able to have “space” at their own homes.

Dante DiSabatoPhoto Credit: Matt Steeves Photography

How are you spending the end of the summer?

Working! I wish I could travel a little, however, things are so busy I will take them while we can. We are very lucky and blessed to be in this position currently.

Dante DiSabatoPhoto Credit: Matt Steeves Photography

How have the last two months of pandemic affected your area and its real estate market?

It has actually helped our real estate market. There is a lack of inventory and more and more people from up north are moving down to Naples. We are very lucky and have had one of our greatest summers ever. Naples has always been a prime destination, and the pandemic has just made it even more desirable.

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