Reiko Lewis of Ventus Design LLC Talks Special Projects and Color Schemes

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H11Has there been a specific project that challenged you more than others? If so, what have you taken away from that project that has shaped you most as a designer?

The core values of Ventus Design are based on four core Japanese philosophies, which we put into practice on all projects we work on. One of these philosophies is “Wa” or harmony, which we believe is the key for a successful project. We take the time to help clients realize that “Wa” is the best way to help them meet their goals. From a practical point of view, the designer’s role is as a project leader, who leads, while bringing the team together (customer, suppliers and staff) and instilling each member with a level of pride in the contributions they make to the project.

When a client wants to select a designer, there are often many options to choose from. What do you offer your clients that no one else can?

We know that we are not a fit for everyone. Our clients tell us that our ability to involve them in translating their dreams, visions and goals into tangible and inspiring environments is the greatest benefit working with us. Because clients are invited and expected to play a specific role on the project team, we are able to help one another appreciate and realize both their aesthetic dream and business goals.

If you had to pick one color scheme that has most inspired you this season, what would it be? Why did it inspire you? Have you had the opportunity to use it in your work?

I believe in “harmony” or a balance in colors. If I have to play with one color though I would prefer a neutral such as a Dusk Blue or Gray Jade. They give off a serene yet sophisticated aura and create a good foundation for any project color scheme.

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