Vanessa DeLeon Talks Challenges, Color Schemes, and Attention to Detail

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H11Has there been a specific project that challenged you more than others? If so, what have you taken away from that project that has shaped you most as a designer?

Working on “Restaurant Impossible” was one of the challenges that made me grow as a designer. It was definitely a challenge to work on a $10,000 budget with only 2 days to complete the entire project. This experience really made me tap into my inner creativity. It made me extremely resourceful by using products that I would never think to use.

When a client wants to select a designer, there are often many options to choose from. What do you offer your clients that no one else can?

I make sure to give my clients extreme attention to detail. I'm very creative, giving my clients ideas they have never seen to utilize in their homes; it becomes a very exciting process.

If you had to pick one color scheme that has most inspired you this season, what would it be? Why did it inspire you?  Have you had the opportunity to use it in your work?

Gold, black, silver, and white is one of my favorite color schemes to use. People have a misconception when mixing metals, when in fact all of them combine so beautifully! Mixing metals is definitely the new trend this year!

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