David Joseph Katona Talks Challenging Projects, Standing Out, and Relevant Color Schemes

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david joseph katona
Has there been a specific project that challenged you more than others? If so, what have you taken away from that project that has shaped you most as a designer?

DJK: Formulated through years of business development, the DJK philosophy has been profoundly shaped by the understanding and subsequent demonstration that a perceived ‘challenge’ is simply an opportunity to create uncompromising value through finding a viable, creative solution that best serves the client.

When presented by others, or we ourselves are confronted with a so-called challenge, we are first to clarify the terminology by replacing the word ‘challenge’ with ‘opportunity.’ This straightforward adjustment begins to shift the mindset from problematic to solution-oriented.

Each project presents its own set of unique and individualized circumstances. Therefore, when implementing a project and presented with this opportunity, we immediately apply a core value which states ‘there is always a positive solution to every circumstance, no exceptions.’  However, in order to overcome, one must first be ‘willing’ to see the situation from an optimistic perspective vs. a pessimistic problematic challenge.

Following this shift in mindset, a direct statement is then presented. This statement is “first define all the perceived limitations and parameters to be addressed and I will then find a positive solution.”  Once one outlines ‘what’ they are challenged by, they are then perfectly positioned to best find a favorable outcome. Again, this is only effective as long as one is ‘willing’ to see with different eyes.

Years of observation has concluded that every challenge in life, if perceived with a positive mindset, always leads to a greater outcome than first thought imaginable.

“A challenge is simply perceived as a problem when one has limited their view of the infinite solutions.”

As professional interior designers our responsibility is to serve our clientele as the challenge solvers, not the opposite.  The same is true for our personal lives. We serve others and ourselves to the highest standards by knowing that we either succeed or we learn. Failure from a challenge is never an option.

When a client wants to select a designer, there are often many options to choose from. What do you offer your clients that no one else can?

DJK: The DJK brand is financially invested and personally engaged with best-in-class leaders committed to developing, implementing and expanding the most exceptional best business practices available today.

The DJK brand along with these global business experts understands that in today’s rising economy, the often egotistical perspective that one can do something no one else can is in fact part of ones downfall.

Technology has leveled the playing field to a great extent and at the top of any field, there is an arena of outstanding professionals committed to being the very best they can be…not in comparison to others as their gauge, but by an internal gauge only they themselves control.

“To embody the humble distinction that we are here to serve others by demonstrating the very best of who we are, is to live a life filled with inspiration and beauty.”

The DJK brand is motivated and deeply inspired to deliver the highest standards of professional expertise and service, therefore a minimum of ten-percent of our net profits support a network of local and global charities. We embody the belief, that as we serve our clientele with our gifts, we in turn are able to support those in need of encouragement and financial assistance.

Distinction, excellence, integrity, transparency, value, service and generosity are at the core of our foundational philosophies that ground us in a state of gratitude and service to a cause larger than the self.  These practiced beliefs inspire the DJK brand to deliver exceptional interior design content to our valued clientele, thus keeping us on par with the other professionals in the arena of committed excellence.

david joseph katona

If you had to pick one color scheme that has most inspired you this season, what would it be? Why did it inspire you?  Have you had the opportunity to use it in your work?

DJK: After thirty-years’ in the interior design industry one witnesses an infinite supply of inspiration, color or otherwise. Although inspiration is often drawn from the breathtaking array of nature’s bounty; project color inspiration is drawn directly from the individual for whom we are in service to fulfilling their design aspirations.

Understanding color is a subjective and psychological interaction between the individual and their surroundings, DJK connects the color inspiration for a project directly to that which is most compatible and inspiring for the client.

“Nothing is more rewarding than to connect the energy of a clients aspirations to the final design of the very place in which they will live a portion of their lives.”

Color trends come and go, however even many of our most distinguished and influential clients avoid these trends and opt for a palette reflective of their personal lifestyle.

Just as in couture fashion where the color selection of the season is adjusted within a specific palette to fit the complexion, personality, etc., of the individual; interior color selection and inspiration is achieved by matching the most appropriate color scheme to the individual who will interact with it the most, the client.




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