Maria Toczylowski of Beach Dwellings Design Talks New Design Trends

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Whether we like it or not, fall is approaching. What interior design trends do you predict in the coming months? 

I think the use of color, especially bright colors with graphic prints, will continue to be utilized in home furnishings. Although the natural, weathered wood finishes are still prominent, I think we will see them paired with more of the colorful prints and textures instead of just the natural linens that we have seen for a few years now. I believe furniture lines are trending toward a more contemporary design.

What would you like to see as a new design trend?

I would like to see the use of a mixture of styles in homes. To me, a homeowner should feel comfortable using different pieces they have acquired over time, opposed to feeling they need to start over. I encourage my clients to use items they love or those which have meaning for them, along with new and updated furniture, paint colors, accessories etc. It truly makes a house their home.

To learn more about Maria Toczylowski, visit her Haute Design Network profile and website.

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