Stephen Leon of Soleil Design Talks Trends

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I predict that everything that’s old is new again when it comes to interior design trends for the coming months and probably longer than that.

The sleek look of the last century is absolutely back in fashion.

Recently, modern and contemporary décor were prominently featured in many of the showrooms at World Market Center Las Vegas during the summer market.

Many believe that the hit TV show “Mad Men” is what’s now influencing home fashion. Things always go around and come back into style, but people are watching this TV show and are now being influenced about what they want to put in their homes.

Modern design is making a strong comeback. In movies like “The Great Gatsby” and television shows like “Downton Abbey” we are seeing a certain time period which exhibited a strong style direction. The 1920s through the 1940s were filled with art deco which is characteristic of symmetry and rectilinear shapes.

Many clients are absolutely requesting modern and contemporary décor in their homes. They seem to be tired of clutter and tired of taking care of a lot of fussy details and so they love the idea of simplifying their homes especially here in Las Vegas where the desert home seems to call for a more modern approach.

In a word, modern and contemporary décor focus on clean lines, textures versus patterns and less stuff overall.

It ‘s important to point out that although they are similar and have roots in the same design principals, modern décor is not the same as contemporary décor. In interior design they are not the same thing. Modern design refers to a period of time and is a design style that was created between the 1920’s and 1950s. Contemporary design is always in a state of change, It’s now – of the moment.

Contemporary design is influenced by the world around us, everything from pop culture to the economy. Technology now allows us to sit in our home and find home furnishings, accessories and décor from all over the world, and so the interiors of our homes are a reflection of this movement.

In a word, today’s designs and the trend for the future are more contemporary with modular designs being very popular as they allow people to easily change the look of their room.

The modern and contemporary styles are known for their use of neutrals like cream, white and grey – especially in the modern settings. And I predict that trend to continue. Grey is now the new beige and looks good with everything.

Other materials such as linen and leather are key in this kind of design and again likely to remain so. Contemporary design today also incorporates many reflective surfaces as well as graphic patterns. But contemporary design is of course ever evolving so there are new colors and styles being used and introduced all the time and this will of course continue to be the norm.

Finally, modern design does best in a larger spaces such as the living room as it needs a little breathing room to be at its best. It’s not the type of design where you place a lot of pieces close together and clients seem to realize that and it’s a trend that will no doubt continue. And because the furnishings have clean lines, they naturally will blend well with other design styles for a more eclectic look.

And of course, the most interesting rooms will always be those that introduce an unexpected element or a different period piece in the mix. i.e. an antique settee paired with a new upholstered ottoman or cocktail table in a crocodile texture.

Of course there are still those who believe style shouldn’t matter; that if you love a piece or it makes you happy, then it’s a piece that will work in your home. And that’s a trend that will no doubt continue as well.

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