Lisa K. Hays Talks Successful Interior Design Projects and Designing Personal Space

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lisa k. hays

What is the key to a successful interior design project?

Open and clear communication between a client and interior designer creates an environment where successful projects take shape and result in happy endings.

What is one important mistake many interior designers make? How have you overcome/avoided it?

As important as communication is to a successful project, it can be challenging to find a delicate balance between providing a client with too little or too much information. Some clients want to know everything; other clients hire you to do their project while they live their busy lives.

Do clients need to be reminded about the freight, receiving, delivery, and installation charges, in addition to product costs? Do clients need to know how many square feet of leather are required for their custom sofa? Some designers and clients would say yes, while others would say no.

Design projects consist of details, some large and many small. Call me old-fashioned, but I’m a “dot your i’s, cross your t’s” type of person, so I prefer to offer more information than less. I’ll leave it up to the client to decide how much they want to know by providing them with the same details that go into their homes.

Interior designing for others has shaped your career. How does your design aesthetic appear in your own home? Are you as passionate in designing your own personal spaces?

My home represents who I am and what I do so it’s imperative that it reflects my tastes and preferences. Decorating homes isn’t something I do just for clients; it’s something I am always doing in my own home, too.

For more information on Lisa K. Hays, visit her website and Haute Residence profile.

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