Samuel Design Group Interiors Talks Tips for Success

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What is the key to a successful interior design project? 

The key to a successful interior design project is a composite of a few very important factors which are:

(1) Knowledge of the principals of interior design: scale, harmony, balance, rhythm, texture, contrast, emphasis and color. (2) Knowing and understanding your client (3) Communication. (4)  Project management skills.

What is one important mistake many interior designers make? How have you overcome/avoided it?

The most important mistake that I believe some interior designers make is that they fail to listen and understand the client. I am very patient in terms of the process and have carefully crafted my skill to knowing my clients.

Interior designing for others has shaped your career. How does your design aesthetic appear in your own home? Are you as passionate in designing your own personal spaces? 

I have always been very passionate about the spaces that I live and work in. I feel that our environment has a huge impact on our lives in many ways. I love clean lines, a neutral color palette and thoughtful details in my personal spaces.

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