Lien Luu Talks Successful Projects and Designing Personal Spaces

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lien luu

What is the key to a successful interior design project? 

A successful interior design project is all about the details. The small things are often overlooked but are crucial in making a home feel and appear complete. Small details like the welting on a pillow, the right fullness of curtain or finding the perfect desk accessories...these are the things that will make the space feel like it was professionally designed.

Interior designing for others has shaped your career. How does your design aesthetic appear in your own home? Are you as passionate in designing your own personal spaces?

My home is 100% a reflection of my aesthetic. My home is filled with objects that I love and that inspire me. When I am looking for inspiration for a project, I often explore the objects in my own home that I have collected over the years. I have traveled extensively to find objects for clients, and I always come home with a few special pieces just for me. I have a very eclectic taste. I collect things that are beautiful, and I find beauty in so any different places. Vintage Moroccan textiles, Japanese baskets, Scandinavian furniture are all mixed within my home to create a space that inspires and excites me.

For more information, visit Lien's Haute Residence profile and website.

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