Hot Home Design Trends From The 70s That Made A Comeback This Year

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This year’s ultimate film remake is A Star Is Born that modernizes the 70s' version of that blockbuster movie. And the re-do is causing a retro ripple effect in the world of interior design. From the big screen, to behind closed doors, the 70s are, indeed, back!

This year’s latest interior design trends will put you in a groove that will surely take you back to the future. And to prepare you for that thrill, take a look at the following home design trends, inspired by the 70s, that have made a resurgence this year.

Velvet Sofas

A plush velvet sofa is this season's hit in any 70s-inspired home. Add in some ultra-plush shaggy throw pillows and your throwback-to-the-70s living room will be complete.

Wrap yourself up in some bold colors and fabric softness that will surely provide you with a cozy, comfort -yet, shaggy chic - experience on those nights when you’re feeling groovy but want to chill out at home. Perhaps watching the 70s version of A Star Is Born on Netflix.

Animal Print Rugs

70's Home Design Trends

18 Southey Street, Elwood, VIC

An animal faux, fur rug is the new contemporary fashion piece that works with multiple home styles: rustic, modern, contemporary or bohemian. And whether the rug is made from wool, cotton or leather, you can use it as that statement piece in your home; the one that warmly welcomes friends and family while expressing your personality.

Shag rugs are also a fluffy hit and can easily add a raised texture to your home.

Terrazzo Flooring

70's Home Design Trends

If baring it all is more your style, get down with some terrazzo flooring, reminiscent of the 70s, that seems to have hit the pavement at such a rapid pace and with a new wave of popularity, showing no signs of slowing down in 2018. Terrazzo flooring is a very hard, stone-like surface, with chips of marble, quartz, granite and glass embedded into a floor matrix. It's perfect for hustling around.

Wall Hangings

70's Home Design Trends

It’s no surprise that textural wall hangings made a comeback. This boho-chic trend includes handwoven tapestries or intricately knotted macramés that hang out to perfectly offset those oversized, shaggy pillows. Making the old new again has never been so fashion-forward.


Image: The Family Love Tree

Wicker vintage pieces can make a statement about your crib as well: trendy cool. Visiting some estate state sales, thrift stores or consignment shops are all great venues to shop for those wicker, straw, cane or rattan furniture pieces that will add just the right amount of texture to your interior homescape.

Moroccan Poufs

70's Home Design Trends

A moroccan pouf is a small piece of furniture that is much more utilitarian than it looks at first glance. It's basically an ottoman with multiple purposes: it can be used as a stool that acts as an extra seat, a side table, a storage unit or simply a place to prop your feet. And don't forget that the moroccan pouf may also serve as a design accent piece that softly accentuates any interior home space.

Pendent Light Fixtures

70's Home Design Trends

Hanging light fixtures make all the difference. And choosing the right fixture will create a vibe that is reminiscent of the 70s but remain unique to your personalized living space. Choose the pendent light fixture that speaks to you and that fixture will begin as a conversation starter and eventually become the must-have item about which all your guests will surely rave. And rave. For months on end.

Color Scheme

70's Home Design Trends

Image: California Home Design

The 70s' color palette includes harvest gold, burnt orange, avocado green, teal or turquoise. You can also mix in some earthy tones too: mustard, ochres, tans and browns. Use this color palette, with the perfect velvet sofa, signature wall hanging and spectacular terrazzo floor to create your perfect throwback-to-the-70s pad. By simply using the most dramatic color combinations, unpredictable patterns and offbeat textural elements, you'll create your own personalized throwback rendition of the 70s that will also ironically breathe a new modernity into your home.

As you can see, you can definitely live with some hits of your own, inspired by the 70s, that would even make Lady Gaga herself a fan of yours. Now’s clearly the time for you to bring the 70s back home with big, bell-bottomed flair.

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