Aeris House Talks Arizona Real Estate In 2020

Aeris House

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Editor's Note: Scottsdale, Arizona real estate experts at Aeris House share on the second quarter of 2020 real estate performance and overall market experience.

What do you ask clients not to have displayed when showing their home for sale?

A unique task as each client finds personal value in everyday items. People have those special things at home that make their home – home. We encourage clients to think about walking a model home or residence that inspires them. That inspiration leads to the best showing of the house when coupled with the right agent!

We help clients think beyond the typical “depersonalize” message so commonly shared by agents. We work with our clients on items that add personality, with simple updating, to attract the modern buyer. Homes with character inspire a buyer’s connection as they try to imagine living in your space.

Organizing the “Chaos” of everyday living can quickly transform a space into an inviting home. In addition to the indoor space, we also discuss the importance of the home’s outdoor spaces. Plants, both indoor and outdoor, add a sense of vitality and life with a $100 budget plus time.

Indoor and outdoor lighting is often overlooked as a way to impact the idea of an organized home. Imagine how you would feel coming home to the ambiance of working landscape lights in your new home. Lastly, we don’t want to mention your unmentionables – which could be anything from personal documents you’ve left on a desk or laundry in the hamper, and of course, your unmentionables should be tucked safely away until the showing is over!

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How did the second quarter of 2020 real estate perform in your market?

Even with significant changes in day-to-day living, market performance has been counterintuitive. COVID-19 and monetary policy have excited the market beyond what one might expect. Overall inventory has steadily decreased, especially with properties valued below $650,000. As the home inventories continue to decline, coupled with the Fed’s long-term outlook on low rates, we anticipate a strong market will continue.

Is it currently a buyer or seller’s market in your market?

Oddly enough, both. It depends on the home's price point. If a house is under $650,000 and partnered with a great agent, it sells faster than our clients expect. Forget selling in 72 hours; our Clients are lucky to have 72 minutes to decide if they want the house once listed. People need to be mindful and aggressive with their offers to secure a home. It takes a steady hand and great strategy to find our client's dream in this space.

Homes over the $1M threshold are picking up steam, but it’s still a buyer’s market. Our clients can be more discriminating in their search for “just the right” property. The benefit of time is still available in the luxury market, for now! Our access to excellent properties and pocket listings allows us to move quickly with our clients.

What do you love about your market?

Diversity of People and Product!! There is a wide variety of building styles – ranging from vintage to modern meeting our clients’ Idea of Lifestyle. This broad range allows us to work with clients to find their space. Want mid-century, we’ve got it! Waterfront living, not a problem. Urban or suburban retreat let’s get started. Arizona’s diversity is surprising to visitors, a gem for locals and is what we love about our work in this community.

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