Tony Rodriquez Tellaheche on What Draws Home Buyers to Coconut Grove, Florida

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As the oldest modern inhabited neighborhood in Miami, how does the real estate market in Coconut Grove continue to draw in new residents and keep old ones? Is there a certain type of home, architecturally or environmentally, that home buyers are seeking out in the area?

Coconut Grove has some amazing historic properties, but we have recently started to see quite a bit of new homes being developed. We also have some new luxury condominium buildings that are being built, such as the sold-out Grove At Grand Bay towers and the new Park Grove Towers, which will begin construction soon.


Since Coconut Grove is a waterfront residential area, how does the waterfront aspect compare to other neighborhoods in Miami? Is boating a popular activity? What sort of water activities do locals engage in?

Coconut Grove living is all about waterfront living. We have the best waterfront parks in Miami and great marina's too. The city is home to Miami Sailing Week and the Coconut Grove Sailing Club, both with a huge following world-wide. Locals engage in sailing, boating, waterfront dining, kayaking, yachting, etc.

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