About Haute Residence


Designed as a partnership-driven luxury real estate portal featuring one leading real estate agent in each prominent market across the world, Haute Residence connects Haute Media Group’s affluent readers with the real estate professionals they need.

Offering clients a unique convenience, the well-established site provides homebuyers the opportunity to find their dream havens with the help of some of the world’s leading real estate professionals, with Haute Residence’s elite partners representing a total of $18 billion worth of luxury property.

Now in collaboration with ListHub—the nation’s top network for marketing real estate––Haute Residence can generate thousands of the most luxurious properties in the $2.5 million-plus range from around the world within seconds.

Beyond that, the site also showcases the hottest celebrity real estate news, design features, the world’s most extraordinary residences on the market, and expert advice from its real estate partners.