Mike Brodie Reveals the Best Places to Shop, Find Entertainment, and Meet New People in Dallas

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The best place(s) to…:

Find entertainment:

We love our sports in Texas, and with projects like the new Dallas Cowboy World Headquarters coming to Frisco, the suburbs north of Downtown Dallas offer great entertainment options. The Cowboys’ project will have offices, mixed-use retail, and residential space. If people-watching is your idea of entertainment, then head on down to an outdoor retail area like Watters Creek, find a restaurant with patio seating, and enjoy a meal and the view!

Go shopping:

It would be impossible to name just one place for great shopping. If you are close to the city, you can stroll the oldest self-contained shopping center in America, Highland Park Village, and shop at Chanel, Harry Winston, or Jimmy Choo’s, among other places. If you are further north, where a lot of the new commercial and residential development is happening, you can shop at the Village at Fairview, the Shops at Legacy, or take in the local shops and restaurants on the square in downtown McKinney and enjoy the #1 mid-sized city in America (Money Magazine 2014).

Meet new people:

Anywhere! This is Texas—our reputation as a friendly lot exists for a reason. But if you really want to meet people, you can never go wrong with a Starbucks or a child’s sporting event. We start ’em young!

Soak in the city view:

The best place is Reunion Tower, which has an observation deck for great views. You can read about other views in this Dallas Morning News column: http://bit.ly/1BZgryX

Host a large social gathering:

Any number of the area country clubs, like Gleneagles, are great for large gatherings. Outdoor gatherings are often held at nearby lakes or ranches; our weather is great most of the year, so we host many of our large gatherings outdoors.

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