Konstantin Grcic Designs Luxurious Glass Furniture

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Designer Konstantin Grcic almost seems to make the glass slipper a thing of reality with his “Man Machine” exhibition in Paris, combining seemingly fragile materials for a fashionable and functional piece of art. “Man Machine” offers a line of customized furniture featuring pistons, hinges and cranks as the only contrast from entirely transparent furniture showpieces.


Grcic collaborated with a German glass workshop for the collection, eventually creating a vertical cabinet, chair, several tables, shelving and more. The designer tells Dezeen, “Glass is not an obvious material for making furniture but it is a very intriguing material. It is an industrial material, which is an aspect that I like about it.” The line’s pistons, hinges and cranks help to give each piece, despite rigidity, a sense of movement.


Photos and details courtesy of Dezeen


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