Kim McOwan Describes Her Favorite Room At Home

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Name and describe the room in your home that you most enjoy spending time in, and explain why it’s your favorite. Does the space possess any noteworthy features or embellishments? Does it have a certain theme or color scheme?

My favorite room in my home is the living room—it’s a tranquil place with a window wall overlooking beautiful foliage. The light-colored palette of finishes and furniture contributes to creating a relaxed, peaceful setting.

The upholstered furniture has classic, clean lines and is mixed with Asian-inspired accent pieces. Light-colored linens and cottons are my chosen upholstery fabrics. The artwork consists of some of my favorite genres and techniques—photography, water colors and Asian ink drawings. Accessories are carefully edited sentimental items found while traveling.

I love the natural light that fills the room, as well as the continual inspiration provided by the naturalistic view. It’s a great spot to relax and recharge in.

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