Kelly Klein’s Pools: Reflections a Stunning Offering

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Photographer and author Kelly Klein’s raison d’être seems to be pools; twenty years ago she released Pools, a beautifully done oversized tome full of images and descriptions of pool design and history, featuring vintage photographs by Jacques Henri Lartigue and Edward Weston as well as modern shots done by Bruce Weber and Robert Mapplethorpe.

Klein easily gets back into the swim of things with her latest plunge into the publishing world; available in October, Pools:  Reflections is sure to become a favourite with those who enjoy the architecture of swimming sanctuaries.

Explaining her seeming obsession, Klein says:  “Pools are a place where I can really relax.  I love to swim, and I love spending time around the pool. Nowadays, pools have become so beautiful, with different colors and shapes. They’re architecture within the ground.”

The book focuses on modern-day pool trends, with the author claiming “this book is really about the 1970s to today.”  Consisting of 180 photographs carefully selected from 600 that were submitted by various artists including Robert Polidori, Nikolas Koenig, and Mario Sorrenti, the author also included several of her own lush, illustrative shots.

Featured are haunting images of abandoned pools, splashy images of pools at personal residences, and iconic images of pools at famous hotels.  According to Klein, each pool has a unique character which she enjoys studying and analyzing.

““I became a bit obsessed with pools more than 20 years ago,” said Klein, “and I still am.”

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