Fridge Becomes Transparent As You Approach It, Eliminating Wasted Energy

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Almost every individual who owns a fridge has done it:  stood in front of an ajar refrigerator door while indecisiveness causes us to waste an unfathomable amount of energy, and cool air billows out while we figure out what it is we want to eat.

Well, Chinese designer Changhong's creation has made it so that snacking procrastination doesn't have to be so wasteful. The S.Home Refrigerator is a full-size fridge that becomes transparent as you approach it.

From afar, the doors appear to be opaque, but the contents of the fridge can be seen from a closer proximity, allowing you to choose your food without opening the door. According to the Home Energy Magazine, the act of leaving the refrigerator door accounts for a whopping 7 percent of household electricity use per year.

There is no word yet on when Changhong plans to distribute the S.Home Refrigerator internationally and how much it'll cost people to save energy.

For those not afraid to hide their food (or tend to have extremely organized refrigerators), glass see-through alternatives exist, like the True T-49G, which features double pane thermal glass doors.

Source: Huffington Post

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