John C. Ferry Reveals the Best Place to Dine in Kauai and High-Tech Features Homebuyers Covet the Most

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What’s the best place to dine or drink under the stars in your region?

Kauai, and all of Hawaii, relies on tourism. There are so many wonderful dining options to choose from. Visitors and locals can go from exquisite five-star dining to simply going by their grocery store or food truck and picking up the local mixed plate or fresh island poke for a perfect meal.

But the best place to dine or drink in Hawaii under the stars is literally under the stars! Some of the most memorable moments are sitting around a beach bonfire with your friends and family. Pack a picnic, bring some take out, cook something over the fire, or have a local chef prepare your meal on site. Hire a musician and listen to the wonderful rhythm of local tunes as you gaze at the ocean and the millions of twinkling stars. The Milky Way lights up in Hawaii! Feel the warm trade wind breeze flow gently by. Enjoy, relax and unwind.

What “smart” (or high-tech) features do homebuyers desire the most?

Most people that live on Kauai or move to Kauai want to simplify their lives. With constant trade winds flowing, most enjoy fresh island air and an active outdoor lifestyle. We have great weather and sunshine year-round, and with some of the highest electric rates in the nation, homeowners are moving towards solar systems to assist with their electricity or completely get off the grid. Tax incentives to install new systems are a bonus as well.

With the advent of the smart phone, owners can now install systems that allow them to manage their homes from afar—lights, thermostats, alarm systems, etcetera.  Cameras installed on property allow homeowners to view their homes remotely – whether it’s used as an alarm sytem or as a way to check up on the kids or pets—it’s all in the palm of your hand.

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