Explore Hualalai Resort, Kailua Kona, Hawaii With Rob Kildow

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The residential crowd is made up of…members from 27 states and six different countries.


The community vibe is…

Hualalai Community and the vibe that is generated is one of “ohana,” meaning “family.” Our members look forward to reconnecting with their neighbors, whether it is for a meal or social event or game of golf, or joining each other on Fridays at Hui Wa`a (enjoying canoe paddling with the Alaka’i Nalu and the tradition of what paddling represents). Each of these privileges is enjoyed in a community where the employees provide warm hospitality and extend the true essence of “aloha.”


The lifestyle offered is…filled with amenities, activities, rejuvenation, and relaxation. The resort lifestyle allows residents to connect with their senses. Whether they feel the cool breeze at our Ke`olu Clubhouse or smell the scent of a barbecue from a neighbor’s outdoor grill, these are the moments that keep residents living here and experiencing the beauty of Hualalai, a seaside community that is vibrant and full of life. What’s difficult is deciding which of the amazing amenities to enjoy first. With an amazing ocean activity program, a top-rated spa and fitness facility, world-class tennis instructors, two golf courses, six restaurants, and a cultural center that helps us appreciate and understand those that were here before us, the options are endless.


The most popular building type you’ll find is…single-story with large pocket doors that open to a beautiful lanai. It is the essence of indoor-outdoor living. Many residents leave their doors open day and night.


The average home price is…$8,000,000.


The area’s greatest highlight is…the weather. On average, we have a six-degree temperature swing between winter and summer. That allows our members and guests to enjoy Hualalai year round. Couple that with an unequaled amenity package and the way the experience is enhanced by the true sense of aloha that the employees share so graciously, you have a very special place called Hualalai.


The area’s best driving-distance getaways are…

There are so many wonderful experiences available for drives of 45 miles, or less. A few include camping, hiking, zip line, horseback riding, farmers markets, artist communities, and ocean kayaking.

Keolu Restaurant

Keolu Restaurant

The best spot to dine fancy is…

Fancy can have many meanings. The six dining options on property offer a wonderful array of amazing dining choices. Our dining culture and commitment is to support all of the wonderful local farmers and vendors. Currently, 85 percent of all our menu choices are provided by local farmers, and we’re constantly working on increasing that number. As an example, the lettuce served in our salads has never been in a cooler. The freshness is unmistakable. As far as dress code goes, elegant resort casual is the norm.


The best spot to find entertainment is…

The Hawaiian culture is based on music and dance, and there are opportunities constantly to enjoy performances throughout the island.

Hualalai has music playing every evening, and our Hoku amphitheater is an intimate performing venue that has hosted some of the top performing artists from the national and international stage. Off property, there are two performing art centers nearby as well as outdoor performance venues.

Seaside Beach Boutique

Seaside Beach Boutique

The best spot to go shopping is…

There are a number of small retail outlets as well as some national brands on island. For what my wife Barbara classifies as her monthly retail therapy, she makes the short 40-minute flight to Ala Moana in Honolulu. It’s the largest open-air shopping center in the world.


Hualalai Golf Course

Hualalai Golf Course

The best place to tee off is…at either of the two courses located on property. One is designed by Nicklaus, and the member-only course is designed by Weiskopf. We have the luxury of not having tee times on our member-only course.

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