Dubai Moves Forward with Plans for Magical ‘Aladdin City’

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Dubai will begin construction on “Aladdin City” next year, revealed Dubai municipality chief Hussain Nasser Lootah.

Aladdin City Dubai

Though the cost of the project has yet to be revealed, Lootah confirmed Dubai has the funds to put the project—inspired by the beloved Disney classic—in motion. Once complete, the whimsical city—which will border Dubai Creek—shall span 4,000 acres and support three skyscrapers with a combined 110,000-meter area, and will include parking space for 900 cars.


Air-conditioned bridges with moving floors will link the towers, which will be taken up by offices and hotels. The bridges will evoke exotic marine life, while a tower may take the shape of Aladdin’s magic lamp.


Even barring the Arabian Nights-inspired development, Dubai’s city-planning schemes are beyond grand. A 150-meter high, 93-meter wide monument to be known as the “Dubai Frame” is also presently underway, along with the construction of the Desert Rose, an $8.2 billion “satellite city” with housing for 160,000 people, slated to begin next year.

Talk about “a whole new world…”

Photos courtesy of Future of Dubai; additional details courtesy of the Telegraph

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