Daveed Hollander and John Wieland Talk Best Times to List and Company Goals

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When is the best time to list a home and why?

When the seller is ready to sell!  This sets the market stage informing prospective buyers that they are serious.  However, it is the broker’s or agent’s responsibility to complete a CMA to determine that the pricing is accurate to today’s market.

What are you/your company’s goals for the New Year?  

1. Improve quality of photography, 2) Increase referral business by 50%, 3) Get website ranking to first page on top identified Key Words, 4) Training of agents on CRM, 5) Improve content quality and increase quantity by agent participation by 250%, 6) Increase GCI by 40%, 7) Customer testimonials to rave about our business, 8) Reach more targeted markets by specific advertising in local USA markets, 9) Grow Social media activity by launching FB to achieve 5000 fans with daily interaction: education, information, entertainment.

How will they set you apart from the competition?  

Training on CMR systems that facilitate better Lead Management follow up that control response time to less than 2 hours will show customers that we are focused on delivering top flight customer service with a sense of urgency. Training will send that message that we are eager to service, now.  Focus on calling all leads, not emailing will give our personal touch that will strengthen relationships, now.

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