Architect Emre Arolat’s New Residential Oasis On Baypoint Island

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Internationally-acclaimed architect Emre Arolat has a new 9,160 sf project in Miami. Located on the southern tip of Baypoint island, this single-family home is promised to offer some of the best views of Biscayne Bay and downtown Miami.

Emre Arolat Architecture (EAA) is over architectural design and interior architecture of the 7-bedroom, 7-bathroom home.Located on the southern tip of Baypoint island, residents can expect to witness some of the most gorgeous views of the islands, Biscayne Bay and downtown.

The home is best described as ‘of Miami’ due to the series of fragments of architectural experiences based on an idea of spatial seduction. Various events unfold during the transition from one space to another, merging exterior and interior spaces harmoniously.

This home is perfect for those who cherish privacy in their residence. Entering the home is a secluded driveway that is lined with an opulent greenway that feels like a luxurious Miami resort entrance.

The courtyard is a real-life fairytale. The pond offers a unique experience where one feels like they are in a South Florida oasis. It is the core area of the home.

Other features of the home include the living room separated from the dining room with bronze screens and the family space with an Artwall that includes a built-in fireplace. If you’re a person who enjoys entertaining outside, then the large terrace will be perfect.

The materials used for this home are subtle yet rich. They create highly atmospheric spaces where basalt stone walls create a textural tension with the signature stucco surfaces of Miami while remaining beautifully sculpted by light and water.

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