Zaha Hadid’s Rock-Inspired Beijing Towers Reach Completion

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London-based, Zaha Hadid Architects latest Beijing project—Wangjing Soho Towers—is finally finished.

The towers sit in the heart of the Chinese capital, and look very similar to Hadid’s Galaxy Soho complex, which was also built to look like a collection of rocks smoothed by river tides.


Both projects were build for the development company Soho China. The two sets of towers share an aluminum-banded tapered form, but have unique differences. A 521,265-square-meter complex soaring up to 200 meters at its peak, Wangjing Soho is composed of three discrete volumes (described as three "interweaved mountains") that house a mix of flexible office and retail space, while Galaxy Soho—a 60-meter-tall complex spanning 328,204 square meters—is comprised of five interconnected towers situated on a 50,000-square-meter lot.


Details and photos courtesy of Curbed

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