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The video app, Tik Tok, swept the nation last year when everyone was on lockdown with nothing else to do. This app is an evolution of the Musical.ly app, that allowed users to create lipsync videos, and has now become Tik Tok, a 60-second video platform with endless creative possibilities. The app is reminiscent of the defunct app Vine which ended in early 2017 and was known for short videos that creators used mostly for comedy sketches. This app gave a lot of young influencers fame and most made their way to Youtube from the app. Now, Tik Tok has taken the Vine idea even further and created a space for all types of creators whether that be in comedy, horror, books, or even design. 

Design Tok is the name for the corner of Tik Tok all about interior design. Users can utilize hashtags such as #designtok, #interiordesign, #designers, to have their content featured on that part of the app. It is here that creators show all different sides of the design world. The creators range from someone with good taste simply showing off their house, to professional designers who share their tips and tricks with users. 

Photo Credit: Shutterstock

In the design niche, there is much informative content. There are DIY tips, thrifting projects, advice on how to create a classier environment, guides on how to describe your personal design style, as well as information on what design trends they think need to end. These design tok-ers have built their own followings on the app as well as amassed influencer-type fame. 

Whether design is your passion or just a hobby, there’s a place on Design Tok for you. So next time you’re searching for inspiration, give Tik Tok a try, as it may give you new and unique ideas! 

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