Wayne Franklin Talks Social Media, Spring Cleaning

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Tell us about any new developments or business establishments in your market that you think might help attract potential buyers.

Tropicasa has just launched a brand-new eco-resort development that is entirely unique to the marketplace in the Puerto Vallarta region. It is a small development of resort cabins that are located about 45 minutes to the south of Puerto Vallarta in the charming village of El Tuito. The cabins range in size from one bedroom (about 1000 sq. ft.) to three bedrooms (about 1800 sq. ft.) or larger if desired. Each cabin will rest on a lot of at least 17,000 sq. ft., with some lots being approximately a half acre.  Mountains, valleys and tree-topped hills are the vista points and the development will be gated with all services available. With prices starting at only $95,000 USD for cabin and lot combinations, this is sure to be a winner for the client who will be in the area during the summer months or wants a place to escape to for the weekends. Temperatures in the wooded area of El Tuito are a good 10 degrees cooler and dryer than Puerto Vallarta. This is truly unique in many ways and is a first of its kind in the area. Kudos to the husband-and-wife development team of David and Xochitl Kimball for braving the new territory to launch such a forward-thinking project. If interested, you can see a preview at www.tierraaltatuito.com.

Name the top two online or social media outlets you use most frequently when a new property becomes active. How do you use these sites to your advantage when advertising your listing?

Certainly Facebook is part of the marketing model when it comes to social media. How could it not be? Of course, we try very hard not to burden our followers with only real estate-related information. That would just get too boring for the average person. As a result, our followers seem much more engaged and willing to share the data with their friends and associates. This, of course, is the desired end result. We also do our best to provide the best image possible of each property with professional photos and concise yet feature-filled descriptions.  You can follow us at www.facebook.com/tropicasa.puerto.vallarta.real.estate.

And other than marketing on MLS-type websites, I would have to say that our own corporate website gets a lot of traffic and referrals.  One of the features that we’ve incorporated into our site is called “New Listing Alert” which automatically sends a brand-new listing to our client base once it has been uploaded to the system. Our clients seem to like this feature a lot as they’re not having to be in constant contact with a live agent, and yet they get the information they want/need.  You can view our website at www.tropicasa.com or sign up for this service at http://www.tropicasa.com/tropicasaalert.php.

With springtime now approaching, are there certain properties you expect to get more attention than others? How can sellers make their properties more marketable in the spring?

Well, springtime for us is pretty much anytime between November and May – I know, are you jealous yet? The weather being in the 70s pretty much every day, and not a cloud in the sky, we’re very fortunate to be in Vallarta. Given that we are in a humid climate, especially in the summertime, it’s critical that the properties are aired out, cleaned and painted to make sure that proper maintenance has been applied prior to clients coming through. Other sprucing could be reupholstering cushions, getting any exterior windows cleaned (if you’re in a high-rise especially), and even the most minor maintenance issues resolved. A client walking in and seeing a property in virtually anything less than perfect condition will immediately feel that the home has not been properly maintained and/or there could be a chronic problem that needs addressing. Resolving these issues properly ahead of showings eliminates any objections that could arise. Of course, if there are serious issues to contend with, proper professionals should be sought to assist you in rectifying them.

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