Wayne Franklin Talks Best Times to List and Goals for 2014

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When is the best time to list a home and why?

Certainly, the “high season” or winter months will generate the most activity in traffic flow of a house in the Puerto Vallarta region.  Just by virtue of clients following the sun, there are significantly more people in the area during November through May.  Getting your home in front of as many people as possible is certainly the goal to maximize the potential of getting it sold in a reasonable amount of time.  That said, the summer clientele are perhaps the most serious.  Because they’ve typically enjoyed winter travel to the region, they want to see what the summers are all about.  When they realize that the weather is similar to southern state regions in the U.S., they’re comfortable to take the plunge in the Vallarta real estate market.  Therefore, summers are a good time to capture the most serious of buyers, while the winter will generate most traffic, and hopefully, a sale on your home.

What are you/your company’s goals for the New Year?

Tropicasa is in a growth mode as we expect that the bottom has been reached in the market.  We are adding new agents, which has already resulted in increased market share in listings as well as sales.  We are also in the process of modernizing our corporate image.  With a stable history of over 16 years in the marketplace, we are looking to ensure that the corporate message is being conveyed to all of our market audiences.  By improving our social media reach and putting a new face on our marketing efforts, we are looking forward to further growth of not only the brand but our position in the marketplace.

Tropicasa is known in the community as a company of agents with integrity and a strict code of standards and ethics for the protection of its clientele.  The new image and marketing that we will be implementing will be to carry that message to a broader audience.  As previously stated, allowing more prospects to see the products that we have for sale will ultimately result in greater sales of our listing inventory… the ultimate goal of our clientele.

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