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Haute Residence presented "Miami Real Estate Leaders," a live real estate webinar on the latest in the Magic City's market and developments in the area. The virtual event was hosted by Haute Living's April Donelson, who welcomed Roberta Ingletto of Concierge Realty Brokers, Claudia Llanes of Cervera Real Estate, and Paola Marulanda of Luxury Homes Connect.

Watch the webinar below

As the industry-leading real estate webinar series by Haute Residence continues, we invite you to join us in our upcoming webinar:

Wednesday, December 2nd, 10:30 AM EST / 7:30 AM PST

"Art & Real Estate Talk" - A deep look into Miami's perfect partnership in the new era. Join us to hear from community leaders and learn how they have grown from Art (personal or within the organization) and what’s new and upcoming with the perfect coupling of "Art & Real Estate." REGISTER HERE.

Highlight quotes from today's webinar:

Roberta Ingletto: "I like to do things that are win-win. I think ethics and honesty are important. I appreciate colleagues and people when they work in this fashion. I like to work as a team even with the realtors and brokers on the other side... When I'm talking to my buyers and sellers, it's about making it work for everybody... We have a huge market. I have been in Miami for 25 years and you can see the growth and development. More companies are moving down so it's a bigger city. We have so much product to offer, that we can work together to present Miami for what it is and what it has to offer, I try to raise the standards of our industry."

Claudia Llanes: "I'm so excited about Natiivo Miami because it provides solutions to problems in the market. We are providing the comfort of a home with all appliances, and the best amenities, 70,000 square feet of them in three full floors. There are no rental restrictions, you can rent it for as little as one day or as much as one year and anything between it. It's located in Downtown Miami, three minutes away from the Port of Miami, which sees six million passengers on a yearly basis. We are fortunate to have a building that is in the heart of a highly dense short-term rental market. This creates a huge opportunity for owners because not only will you have a beautiful second home in Miami but you can put it to rent and work for you when you are not occupying it.

Paola Marulanda: "[On her exclusive SoFi listing, The Beach House] It is a two-story residence. It has the whole space and feel of a single-family home. It's what I call the ultimate hybrid property because it can satisfy the safety, privacy, and amenities of a secure building. As much as the single-family market is absolutely killing it and stealing the show, there are a lot of people who come from cities used to being in condos and the families sometimes don't feel as secure and comfortable without having the assets that a building has. This property, you cannot make it up. There is nothing like it in South of Fifth which is such an elite neighborhood."

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Miami Real Estate Leaders - webinar Nov 30

Roberta Ingletto, Claudia Llanes, Paola Marulanda

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