Top 5 Design Trends Of 2021

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Design trends come and go, and with the pandemic hitting and everyone stuck inside, the trends have especially changed this year. Check out the list below of the top 5 trends Haute Design thinks are here to stay in 2021. It's out with the old and in with the new, as they say.

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Temporary Wallpaper

Wallpaper once was a simple feature of a home that has now turned into a key creative staple in home design. From intricate patterns, colors to visuals that tell a story, wallpaper is an essential feature in 2021 that enhances any room. Wallpaper selection creates a sense of depth, style, and visual interest.

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Fashionable Healthy Kitchen Appliances

In light of the pandemic, people have turned to a wellness living lifestyle reflected in their kitchen design. Wellness kitchen appliances make healthy living easy and effortless. Going into 2021, kitchens have transformed to include storage for whole foods, prep spaces, and innovated appliances to make healthy meals... can you say 'air fryer'?

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A few years ago, the minimalism trend hit the design market. Originating in the '60's, the idea of having a stark white room with only the bare essentials was all the rage. Now, since Covid hit and everyone has been stuck inside, they realize they actually would like more colors. Maximalism is making the comeback with people putting mismatched furniture with wacky colors all over their house.

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Greenery in the house is nothing new, but it has especially started trending since quarantine. As people were stuck inside, a little greenery helped bring the outdoors in to them, and make them feel less alone. Many new plant moms and dads were born in this era, and this trend will continue throughout the year.

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The Color Green

Green has made its way back to the interior design world. Whether plants or kitchen cabinets, green brings a sense of relaxation and wellness to any home. Many designers have moved from whites and neutrals to pops of color. People strive for a healthy living lifestyle, and the green pop of color is perfect because it enraptures nature, wellness, and health.

What design trends do you see being popular in 2021?

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