“Real Estate, Wellness, and Fitness Hour” With Jennifer Nicole Lee And Sandra Fiorenza

Jennifer Nicole Lee

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Haute Residence and Haute Beauty hosted a "Real Estate, Wellness, and Fitness Hour" with fitness icon Jennifer Nicole Lee and her real estate partner, Sandra Fiorenza, who has sold $300 million of real estate throughout her career, including $30 million just in 2020.

The real estate and beauty platforms came together to welcome Lee and Fiorenza for a perfect blend of business and healthy living. They spoke on the importance of health, fitness, and wellness to maximize their (and yours) workdays and business.

How do you stay active when busy? These ladies have the formula to success.

They were hosted by Haute Living's April Donelson. Watch the webinar below.

Highlight quotes:

Jennifer Nicole Lee: "I'm the author of 17 books. I'm very blessed to say that i've graced over 93 magazine covers since I started in 2003. It all startedjust going out in faith that I can be the best woman, best mom, best wife, and just the best modern day woman and I've taken that passion now into luxury real estate... You have a pharmacy from the neck up, and this is where you get your dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin and your endorphins. Not to sound too scientific, but if you want to boost your mood and feel like you have more mental clarity, you have more get-up-and-go, and more energy, you've got to work out. Your brain is not wired to be motivated all the time. But what do you do? Trick it. You actually just say, 'Let me work out for 10 minutes,' but as soon as that dopamine kicks in, because it is a neurotransmitter and it's very powerful, you can't stop working out. You get that internal reward system. Go to bed earlier, wake up earlier and get that workout in the morning. You're going to be your own best friend when you're fighting the war on fat."

Sandra Fiorenza: "When you look back for where we were a year ago to now, it's just incredible because the [Miami] market has shifted so tremendously, and we have become so popular. In some areas, prices have definitely almost doubled. Unfortunately, a lot of people had to go through harm and the situation, but I think a lot of other people saw this as an opportunity and tried to reinvent themselves, relocate and find new hope and a different angle on life... Discipline is very important in real estate, as well as exercising. I make it a point that I exercise religiously. It's just 60 minutes a day, but they're there. That's the same thing with a work ethic in real estate. Do the right research, stick to your appointments, follow up with people. In the end, all of this business revolves around discipline. You have to keep up your energy level because you have to always be motivating to your clients. To prospect, you have to be out there and market yourself. So for me, I have the most energy again when I set my tone in the morning and exercise.

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Jennifer Nicole Lee, Sandra Fiorenza webinar April 15

Jennifer Nicole Lee, Sandra Fiorenza

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