Music Moguls with Multi-Million Dollar Luxury Mobile Homes

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You’d think that successful singers and business tycoons would simply sink their money into multi-million dollar homes in the most exclusive neighborhoods. While they definitely do that, they also have a tendency to purchase…you guessed it: motor homes. But why? Let’s find out what’s inside these sweet rides.


Will Smith’s mobile home is worth $2.5M…what about yours? The decked out double-decker bus weighs about 30 tons, offers a 100-inch movie screen, boasts several offices, marble floors and a full-time chef. Sweet.

music moguls

Simon Cowell may not seem like the trailer type, but with all of his traveling for various shows like “American Idol” and “The X Factor,” it seems that the producer has found this $2M mobile home a perfect fit for relaxation. This one has expansive studio space.

music moguls 

Zac Brown’s trailer features rustic wooden and leather touches, folk art, instrument storage and (best of all) a true kitchen on wheels. The mobile home has a full industrial kitchen for setting up camp and feeding tons of special guests!

Photos courtesy of HGTV, Anderson Mobile Estates, Fandango

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