This Really Old-Looking Building has Received a Modern Upgrade

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Following some much-needed renovations, an eyesore of an old building in Bangkok has been restored and brought to modern glory.


IDIN Architects, the design firm whose philosophy and concentration has been to "merge this sense of surrounding, the ‘natures,’ to the architectural aesthetic" were at the helm of the one-time commercial building's transformation.


Now a home and office space for a large family and their family-owned jewelry business, the renovated space features a series of separate, two-story living units that act as individual private houses. Each unit is accompanied by its own bedroom, living room, pantry, and floor-to-ceiling windows, as well as other amenities. Towards the back of the building is where an elevator, which allows access to the respective units, is located.


There are also shared features throughout the property, like the top-floor living and dining rooms and a huge tree that is positioned at the center on this beauty of a home.

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