The Story of Boutique Brokerage Bonte Filipidis Founded By Alexandra Bonte & James Filipidis

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The genesis of Bonte Filipidis™ dates back to a fateful meeting in Paris, where two passionate teenagers, James and Alexandra, formed an unbreakable bond. United by their love for architecture, design, aesthetics, and the luxury industry, they embarked on a journey that would leave a lasting impression on the luxury real estate market.

As they pursued their MBA in Paris, James, a talented advertising professional with experience at renowned agencies such as Ogilvy, and Alexandra, a worldly explorer fluent in five languages and holder of three nationalities, laid the foundation for their remarkable partnership.

In 2011, Alexandra's love affair with Portugal began. Captivated by the beautiful, yet empty buildings that adorned charming streets, she realized the immense opportunity that awaited her. In January 2014, she established her real estate agency, One Stop Properties, and diligently set to work, building a strong network of industry experts and clients.

In 2016, James joined Alexandra in Portugal, and together, they took the real estate agency to new heights. As a formidable duo, they worked tirelessly to create a strong network and acquire invaluable skills in the luxury real estate sector. They expanded their reach from Lisbon and Cascais to Comporta and beyond, leaving no stone unturned.

The COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 presented a unique opportunity for James and Alexandra to reassess their vision, redefine their objectives, and devise a bold strategy for the future of the agency. They understood that the limitations of time and geolocation had reached their peak, and it was time to expand their team and share their knowledge.

Alcabideche, Cascais, Portugal

Emerging from the pandemic, they hired their first brokers, propelling the agency into a new era of growth and success and they now have a team of 35 exceptional individuals. As Portugal became an Eldorado for expatriates, James and Alexandra's team was poised to offer impeccable service to the influx of newcomers.

Their ambitious goal to become one of the leaders in luxury real estate in Portugal was realized in 2022. But they were not content to rest on their laurels. As their clients sought properties worldwide, James and Alexandra recognized the potential for international expansion.

In 2022, they rebranded as Bonte Filipidis™, a name that honored their friendship and the vibrant family of team members who had propelled the agency to its current heights. This name change signaled their transformation from an agency to a group, with the expansion into new countries as a key strategic objective.

In 2023, the expansion began in earnest. Bonte Filipidis™ set foot in Ibiza and the French Riviera, partnering with local professionals and establishing their own agents on the ground. This was just the beginning. With new territories in their sights, James and Alexandra's unwavering passion and dedication would continue to guide Bonte Filipidis™ as they blazed a trail through the luxury real estate market.


For more information, please contact Alexandra Bonte & James Filipidis at +351 913 256 444 or

Alexandra Bonte & James Filipidis are some of the exclusive agents representing the Lisbon, Portugal real estate market as a member of the Haute Residence Real Estate Network. View all of their listings here.

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