The Four Seasons Hotel George V Is A History Lesson In Regal Design

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Our homes are curated to our own liking. Whether that’s subway tiles, crown molding, or a grand piano in the living room, living luxuriously means living amongst one’s own tastes.

Hotels offer a rare insight into living quarters that homes don’t, where the resident of each room doesn’t decide on the design and layout. This leave hoteliers in charge of design, and able to craft a plan and layout that best features the artistic points of each space. In Paris, the legendary Hotel George V, by the Four Seasons, is steeped in rich, French history.

The hotel features an opulent design both in the rooms and throughout the building that harkens back to a bygone era of Parisian culture. Constructed in 1928 by André Terrail and George Wybo, it was handed away after Black Thursday in France in 1929 to the bank. The décor in the rooms feature plump pillows, tufted backboards, and a white color palate that is accented by fresh flowers daily.

According to a source, “ the Four Seasons Hotel George V is now part of the Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts chain of the Kingdom Holding Company (Prince Al-Walid Ben Talal's investment company ben Abdelaziz Al Saoud of Saudi Arabia to 45%, Bill Gates at 45% and the founder Isador Sharp at 10%). Since 13 September 2011, Four Seasons Hotel George V has joined the other eight palaces of France3.”

The hotel also makes wonderful use of not overcrowding rooms. While a slew of decadent items can be a problem for more regal and prestigious hotels, the décor included in guests’ rooms includes only the necessities for travelers like a desk, chair, and ornamental objects like a lamp or vase. These tactics are perfectly balanced in one’s home, as well by not overcrowding rooms to better express one’s self.

For those living in large scale, opulent homes, consider scaling back on regal ornamentation for a décor sampling, and instead keep fewer, better pieces in a room. The Four Seasons’ George V is a perfect example of how doing so can help make the chosen pieces shine that much brighter.

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