Jorge A. Guillén

[Puerto Vallarta, Mexico ]

Púlpito 145-A, Col. Emiliano Zapata, Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco. México. C.P. 48380

+52 322 306 0535


For the past 23 years of his life, Tropicasa Realty has been more than just a workplace for Jorge; it has also been the stage where he has grown professionally and met many people who have left a mark on his life. Although he had the opportunity to work abroad in the cruise industry, exploring the most paradisiacal tourist destinations, he decided to return and rejoin Wayne Franklin's team. Since then, they have led countless projects and witnessed the growth of this outstanding real estate company, of which he is now a partner.

Aware of the importance of communication in opening doors, Jorge Guillén possesses a strong command of the English language, which he has professionally perfected in areas related to his work. Spanish is his native language, and he equally expresses himself in a fun, or even more so, manner in English. Additionally, his gourmet spirit led him to delve into the French language, which he has also had the opportunity to practice on various occasions.

Puerto Vallarta is a very welcoming city, open to different nationalities, ideologies, cultural activities, and the outdoors, and it has a prosperous economy considering its size. These aspects are what makes the city special for Jorge. He particularly enjoys the downtown area and the Romantic Zone due to the abundance of amenities they offer, despite being relatively small neighborhoods. These neighborhoods provide numerous activities and opportunities for both local residents and tourists.

As the grandparents' saying goes, "Love your job, and you won't work a single day in your life." Jorge enjoys the fact that each workday is different and takes pleasure in helping clients find what they desire, thereby contributing to making their dreams come true.

"All the stories are different, with different nationalities, and that's what makes my job exciting I never get bored; there's always something new to discover. Each client has different needs, desires, and dreams, and helping them find those is what I enjoy the most and makes me feel good."

However, he also finds satisfaction in finding properties for clients with economic interests, in a more transactional and objective realm, such as investments. This demanding market has driven his professional growth, enabling him to meet any needs of his clients.

For Jorge Guillén, Puerto Vallarta is a city that attracts buyers due to the demand for vacation destinations. This provides an opportunity to own a property that is not only a home but also a profitable investment that generates income when not in use.

As part of his professionalization process in the real estate sector, Jorge Guillén obtained a master's degree in commercial and business law from Panamerican University. This knowledge has provided him with the necessary tools to expand his scope of action.

But not everything in life is work. After six in the evening, we all have our own lives and hobbies. His family, friends, and some of his clients know that Jorge enjoys gastronomy, fine wines, and traveling. Additionally, Jorge Guillén is a sommelier certified by ONSOM, but he considers it a hobby.