The Design of Oral Healthcare, by Dr. Humza Arif

Humza Arif

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Dr. Humza Arif

Photo Credit: kliniko Miami

Moving into 2022 and reflecting on the era that transformed how we live and interact with others, I wanted to take the time to share my thoughts on healthcare. Haute Design has provided a phenomenal forum where like-minded aficionados of design come together and share. My perspectives and inspirations create within the tapestry of healthcare, which so many of us now cherish more than any other time in recent history. The care we take for ourselves and our family coalesce together in the design of oral healthcare. Kliniko Miami has been birthed from a time of uncertainty. It is therefore that the design of my dental clinic practice in Miami is twofold.

Photo Credit: kliniko Miami

First and foremost, the creation of a new, renowned physical aesthetic space to practice and share the art of dentistry was built to help create a space of peace and calmness while captivating our inquisitive nature of architecture and the feelings it brings to the surface. In doing so, and much like Haute Living has accomplished, we create a forum and space to discuss the art of oral and dental health. Like artisans of past and present, this transitions into creating beautiful smiles for our patients. All the while, Kliniko Miami is happy to share its presence in the metaverse. A team has been built to not only launch the clinic at our physical Miami location but also make its contributions into the digital space, the blockchain and our portfolio for interactions wherever they may be. I’m happy to share with you this multi-faceted approach facilitated by architecture and design that will help transition a new era in how  we look to life in 2022 and beyond.

Photo Credit: kliniko Miami

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