Centaur Interiors Gives Kitchens the Attention they have Always Deserved

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Centaur Interiors is a Chicago-based boutique firm specializing in full-service custom renovations and luxury residential interior design ranging from single-family homes to high-rise condos.

Photo Credit: Centaur Interiors

The Centaur Interiors design team recently spoke to Haute Design about the innovative and exciting work they have been incorporating into one of the most important spaces in anyone's home, the kitchen.


Haute Design: How would you describe Centaur Interiors' vision for the modern kitchen in 2022?

Centaur Interiors: We feel the modern kitchen should be compatible with each individual's specific function and lifestyle. We always incorporate smart kitchens that are fully integrated within the home. This gives our clients the power to start or access appliances from their phones through an app, giving them ultimate control of their kitchen. A kitchen in 2022 should always have as much work space as possible. We look to maximize surface areas as much as possible in every kitchen. While function is key, aesthetics are what make a kitchen pop and we love creating beautiful kitchens that have unique features. Anyone can pick out a beautiful granite countertop, but adding a recessed ceiling in the kitchen for architectural interest, dimension and breadth is what makes CI stand out from the pack. Clean designs with hidden appliances make for beautiful kitchens.


HD: What sets a Centaur Interiors kitchen apart from the rest?

CI: We provide custom solutions based on each client's lifestyle and how they entertain. There is never a generic CI kitchen since our designs are as unique and special as our clients. We tend to practice a modern, clean-line approach to gourmet kitchens rather than the generic stainless steel gourmet kitchen. We’re revolutionizing the art of building by offering the full range of design, construction and furnishing services all in one firm. This allows us to consistently offer unique materials and finishes.

Photo Credit: Centaur Interiors

HD: What are some of the more common requests from clients when discussing the concept of kitchens or dining rooms?

CI: Clients enjoy having control of their surroundings at home and they like to know they do not need to put in too much work by way of maintenance. Clients value specific task lighting and ambient lighting as well. Appliance garages seem to be very popular. We have observed that the preferred situation for cooling systems is to have separate freezer and refrigerator components and drawers. Clients appreciate a separate bar area as well as a casual dining space.


HD: With the rising trend of open concept spaces in modern homes, how does CI design a Kitchen, Family Room and dining room to all be one cohesive narrative while still distinguishing themselves apart from each other?

CI: There are a few main practices we abide by to accomplish this. First, these spaces can all be connected through traffic flow and complimentary finishes. This allows for the spaces to have a cohesive through line. Secondly, by utilizing unique furniture arrangements that designate the spaces, we create different zones.

Photo Credit: Centaur Interiors

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