Thankful Thursday: Haute Residence Members Share What They Are Most Thankful For

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Alexandra Bonte & James Filipidis, Lisbon, Portugal

As realtors, what we are most thankful for is the profound and meaningful role we get to play in the lives of our clients. It goes beyond just facilitating property transactions; it's about helping people find their homes, their sanctuaries, and the places where they will build their futures. Our clients are not just transactions; they become a part of our circle, akin to friends.

The joy and gratitude come from being able to match individuals with the right homes. Witnessing the happiness and satisfaction on their faces when they discover a property that aligns perfectly with their needs and aspirations are moments that make the job incredibly rewarding. It's the understanding that a home is not just a physical space; it's a representation of dreams, security, and a significant financial investment.

Being entrusted with the responsibility of guiding people through the process of finding, negotiating, and securing a home is a privilege. Many individuals invest their life savings into their homes, and being a part of that decision-making process is both humbling and empowering. The emotional significance attached to buying a home adds a deeper layer to our role as realtors.

In essence, what we are most thankful for in our job as a realtor is the ability to contribute to the happiness and fulfillment of our clients. It's about being a part of their journey, helping them achieve a significant life milestone, and playing a role in the creation of their homes. The gratitude comes from knowing that the work we do goes beyond business transactions; it has a lasting impact on the lives of the people we serve.

Charlene M. Hamiwka, Maine

I am most thankful for the wonderful relationships I have built with my clients. Working with them over the course of the sale or purchase of the property gives me the opportunity to really get to know them on a personal level. Many have gone on to become personal friends, but all of them have had an impact on my life.

Debbi DiMaggio, Piedmont, CA

Over the past 35 years, I’ve enjoyed working with and meeting people from around the globe. I’m grateful for the ability to build relationships with not only clients but with Realtor colleagues as well. Very few careers put you in this unique position.

Alfonso Tapia, Downtown Miami, FL

I'm incredibly thankful for the opportunity to connect with people from diverse backgrounds and help them realize their dreams of finding the perfect property. Being a realtor allows me to witness the joy and excitement that comes with each successful transaction, and that's something I'm truly grateful for. It's not just about properties; it's about making a positive impact on people's lives.

Greg Gunter, San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

I'm a Broker in central Mexico's UNESCO village San Miguel de Allende, so the majority of my clients are making either a partial or substantial life transition to living life here at a gentler pace in a perpetual spring environment in a city voted the #1 City in the World five times by Conde Nast Traveler. I'm thankful they've chosen me to help them ease into that major life-altering transition, much like I did myself 15 years ago. It's even more gratifying than helping someone find a roof over their head; it's helping clients find themselves in a new lifestyle!




In the dynamic world of Naples & Marco Island real estate, the role of a realtor goes beyond transactions and property listings.

It's a profession that bridges dreams and reality, turning aspirations of home ownership into tangible, brick-and-mortar experiences.

As a realtor, my heart brims with gratitude for several reasons, each one reinforcing my passion for this fulfilling career.

Foremost, I am profoundly thankful for the opportunity to assist people in one of the most significant decisions of their lives: buying or selling a home. Guiding clients through this process, easing their concerns, and witnessing their joy when they find their perfect abode or secure a lucrative deal is immensely rewarding.

The sense of accomplishment that accompanies each successful transaction is unparalleled, reminding me of the positive impact I can make in people's lives.

Moreover, my job as a realtor allows me to harness my natural skills and abilities, which, in turn, nourish my soul. The art of negotiation, effective communication, and the ability to understand the unique needs of my clients are facets of my job that bring me immense satisfaction.

Being able to connect with people on a personal level, empathize with their desires, and translate those aspirations into reality is a privilege I cherish daily.

This alignment between my innate talents and the demands of my profession not only enriches my work but also brings a profound sense of fulfillment.

In addition to the personal fulfillment, I am grateful for the opportunity to transform my passion into a sustainable livelihood. Real estate isn't just a job; it's a vocation that allows me to earn a living while doing something I genuinely love.

This financial stability provides me with the freedom to invest more time and effort into honing my skills, staying updated with market trends, and delivering exceptional service to my clients.

The ability to earn a living doing what I love is a rare blessing, and I am acutely aware of how fortunate I am to have found my niche in this competitive industry.

What adds an extra layer of richness to my profession is the opportunity to immerse myself in the most beautiful, luxurious homes. The attention to detail and creativity displayed in these properties are nothing short of inspiring.

Exploring these architectural marvels allows me to appreciate the artistry and craftsmanship that go into creating such exquisite living spaces.

It's not just about selling properties; it's about appreciating the aesthetics, understanding the nuances of design, and sharing this passion with my clients.

This aspect of my job not only enhances my knowledge but also fills me with awe and gratitude for the beauty that exists in the world of real estate.

In conclusion, my gratitude as a realtor extends beyond the professional realm; it encompasses the fulfillment of helping others achieve their dreams, utilizing my innate abilities, and the privilege of making a living while doing so.

Every day, I am reminded of the significance of my role, and I approach each interaction with clients with genuine enthusiasm and dedication.

Being a realtor isn't just a job for me; it's a calling, a source of immense gratitude, and a continuous journey of learning, growth, and embracing the luxurious wonders of the real estate world.

Candice Rich, Birmingham, MI (Oakland County)

I am profoundly grateful for the trust my clients place in me to advise them on the intricate world of luxury real estate, along with their investment strategies and building their portfolios. I am thankful for the opportunity to become a generational realtor for families, not just facilitating transactions but truly forming enduring relationships that extend to serving the next generation!

Further, I am immensely thankful for the role I play as a trusted global advisor. Having cultivated strong referral partnerships with agents nationwide, these alliances allow me to serve the discerning needs of clients not only here in Michigan but also extend my reach and expertise to a broader spectrum of real estate clientele migrating in and out of Michigan.

I am very grateful for how our interconnected network not only enriches the experiences of those I serve but also ensures top-tier service and support, transcending geographical boundaries for all of our clients, wherever their real estate interests may lead them.

All of this fills me with a deep sense of appreciation and responsibility.

Jennifer Leong of The Opulent Group, Fort Lauderdale, FL

What I am most thankful for as a Realtor is the long and arduous road to my current success. What success equates for me at the present moment is the fact that I have developers from all over the world looking to me for advice, and clients choose me, even after working with top agents in South Florida for over 10 years and coming to me (being fairly new to South FL from the Chicago market) because they can actually feel how trustworthy and knowledgable I am from years of experience and educating myself with amazing mentors in my life. I have a team of two amazing associates that I have watched evolve into very well-seasoned specialists in their fields of new construction developments by trusting my guidance and learning from my failures and successes.
My dad always taught me that people can inherently feel if you are an honest and decent person, that reading is power, and if you are not sharing your abundance in life with others and helping people and even animals in need, you are not "living"... he was and is right. I have been sent to places like Dubai, England, Mexico, Hong Kong, and Mumbai to sell some of the most luxurious developments in the world from world-renowned architects, and this is something I have always dreamed of by integrating my obsession for travel with my career as a Realtor. I work really long hours and a lot of weekends, but being a Realtor allows me to take off with my daughter and fiancé spontaneously, as we love quick trips to New York, London, and going back to our house in Chicago to be around our family at any given time.

Making connections with clients who have become lifelong friends will be something I will forever be grateful for. Nothing shows for your character in real estate more than returning clients from five to ten years ago while they refer you to their friends and family alike and use you again and again. I am beyond grateful that I am showing my daughter that being able to stand on your own two feet financially and emotionally is a strength and power that will allow one to bring a deep self-respect for oneself and, more importantly, a self-love that is the most important love in my life and without it, you cannot have positive relationships that will work anyone else. I can go on and on about what I am grateful for, but the bottom line is hard work really does pay off, as opportunities did NOT just land in my lap; I made them happen by showing up even harder when I failed and wanted to quit!

Frank D. Isoldi, Westfield, Union County, New Jersey

What can be more rewarding than finding someone their dream home or helping someone maximize the return on the investment when they go to sell their home? Whether working with a buyer or a seller, this is one of the most rewarding jobs, in my opinion.








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