Social Media: A Doorway to Unlimited Possibilities

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david joseph katonaThe DJK brand continues to open the door and deepen their investment in utilizing social media to promote and share the brand message.  Through the power of this venue, thousands of individuals per month interact with our cultural values and messaging.  Prior to the social media phenomenon, it would be near impossible or at the very least, cost prohibitive to achieve this reach.

We believe the design industry has been revolutionized to be stronger, leaner and more effective in its core intention and purpose.  Some may argue that the Internet and social media exploded the DIY industry and therefore negatively impacted the value the interior design industry offers; we strongly disagree.

In the transparency the Internet and social media have produced, it has simply become the opportunity to go to an uncompromising depth of service and value in creating an irreplaceable position to our customers.

Spanning over three decades in the interior design industry, the DJK brand understands ever-changing climates in business practices and the mandatory component social media plays in today’s business arena; to think otherwise is to limit ones reach and subsequent success.

In what has been described by author Daniel Pink as the Conceptual Age, society is in the transitional period from the Information Age, also known as the knowledge workers, to the Conceptual Age wherein the success for the conceptual age worker is design, story, symphony, empathy, play and meaning.

Understanding these elements is vital to marketing, capitalizing and monetizing through social media outlets.  It is estimated over the next few years, an additional 4 billion individuals will be entering the global conversation through the Internet and social media outlets.

In addition, through social media DJK continues to partner with others of similar values and messaging to synergistically increase both the DJK message as well as the partnering brands.  The ability to assist in sharing and supporting the brands of others is one of the many powers of social media; the reciprocal nature of this practice is priceless.

In August 2013, DJK is pleased to announce the launch of a comprehensive and interactive website to deepen the conversation and dialog with our followers.  One of the primary tools utilized in sharing our knowledge via the website and social media will be the ability to deliver valuable content that supports, inspires and shortens the learning curve on a variety of topics for the reader.

In the ongoing development of social media, the ability to promote and strengthen the reach of ones message is greatly expanded with unlimited possibilities, in particular to the entrepreneurial spirit of small business owners of this Conceptual Age.  Therefore, social media is here to stay, evolve, and continue to transform the way the status quo has functioned, and is unquestionably an essential and cooperative component to success.

- David Joseph Katona

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