Celebrity Style We Love: Alexander Wang

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4Alexander Wang is known for his risks in the fashion world and is widely revered for his aesthetic and talents…but what about the design of his own home?

Wang lets interior designer Ryan Korban take charge…after all, he must be tuckered out after throwing the majority of his creativity into his work at Balenciaga.


Though Ryan Korban isn’t a household name yet, we’re predicting that’s soon to change.


Refinery 29 asks Korban, “What's an unfamiliar decor trend or trick you think everybody should know about?” Korban replies, “Putting furniture along the perimeter of a room. It’s really the worst thing you can do for a space. It leaves empty space in the middle of the room and lacks interest in traffic flow. The best trick is to work in the middle of the room. I wish I had learned that sooner in life."


Photos courtesy of weliveintribeca 

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