The Scariest Haunted Houses In The USA

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With Halloween approaching, ghouls and goblins are ready to run amok in the streets. In the real estate world, even the most impressive Victorian homes are reduced to haunted beings possessed with evil. Across the country haunted house tours are coming alive with visitors, and even the ones still rumored to be haunted beyond the ticket stub in the last weeks of October are finding massive amounts of people flocking to them. Here are some of our go-to destinations for the chilling Victorian structures.

1. Thrillvania – Texas


Thrillvania, built into an old home in the heart of Texas, is full of some of the scariest thrills in the country. By building it into an actual home, all the nooks, crannies, and creaky floorboards of old houses come to life in this haunted mansion to scare the living daylights out of any traveler of local looking to live up the Halloween spirit.

2. Nashville Nightmare – Tennessee



Nashville Nightmare is as big on thrills as it is size. The area is also sectioned into different kinds of thematic fears from childhood fairy tales to shocking monsters coming from all angles. It’s also a great reason to continue coming back again and again to experience the different programming options the space has as opposed to other one-and-done type haunted houses.

3. Asylum 49 – Utah


This place does not pull punches. While most Haunted Houses will, spoiler, not actually touch you, Asylum 49 explicitly says in a hilarious/terrifying-if-true list of Things To Know that the crazies in the house are perfectly willing to touch you, grab you, separate you from your group, and strap you to a metal bed. So, yeah. Just beware of all that. They also wanted to be clear that “hell yeah they sell Asylum 49 tees.”

4. Indy Screamville – Indiana


Known as one of the scariest Haunted Houses in the midwest, Indy Screamville is located ust outside Indianapolis and tucked into a remote cornfield like a horror movie set. The narrow cornfields and dark plains make for a horrifying night being scared like never before. The locale also monitors the amount of people let in each night. While for some it means not getting in, it keeps the experience authentic without feeling like you’re sardines in a can waiting for the next thing to jump out like it did all the other people in front of you.

5. Scream-A-Geddon – Florida


As if the people in Florida weren’t scary enough, this theme park is set off in rural country just North of Tampa and ready to shake up even the most stoic of boot-wearers. For all those used to Florida’s theme parks in Orlando like Universal Studios and DisneyWorld, Scream-A-Geddon turns all of these ideas on its head with wall-to-wall horrifying displays of monsters coming after you at all times. While the park features lots of different attractions and homes, the Midway is the epicenter of fear and perfect for anyone looking to take it all in this Halloween season.


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