A Q&A with RUHM CEO Mark Fitzpatrick

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RUHM—a “destination marketing” company specializing in the production, packaging, and promotion of luxury homes on the market for over $10 million—aims to place its clients’ resplendent properties in front of affluent audiences all across the globe.


One of the handful of agencies focusing primarily on the marketing of luxury destinations, the firm works alongside real estate brokers before they even officially put a property on the market.

Here, CEO Mark Fitzpatrick talks to us about RUHM’s unique real estate marketing strategy, what sets the company apart from its competitors, and what it takes to become one of the unique agency’s exclusive clients.

Mark Fitzpatrick

What sets RUHM apart from other marketing agencies?

Beyond just being a production company, RUHM provides a full service marketing package of video, public relations, design, online marketing, research, and real estate consulting.

The people are central to each marketing package—our creatives don't want to settle for the expected—it's just not as fun. We are idea generators—always thinking of the best ways, no matter how unorthodox, to sell one particular property in the shortest amount of time and for the most money. We aren’t a "trust me, baby!" company. Everything we do has a reason and finds support in our analytics.

Aside from being priced at $5 million or more, what other criteria must an estate meet in order to be featured on RUHM?

Any luxury destination that isn't getting the attention it deserves is right up our alley. Sure, many homeowners have unrealistic expectations of price. We get attached to our homes—they become part of our family. But sometimes, families are crazy. Your valuation may not be what the market can bear... which is why the story of why its worth what you feel it is needs to be told.

RUHM Highlight

It just doesn’t make sense to us that homeowners aren't expecting more. If any major company were to market a product, they'd do more than hire the local wedding photographer. With a home being many’s biggest investment, it just makes sense to hire a team capable of giving it a unique voice, engaging buyers' emotions, and getting it in front of eyes that matter.

Briefly describe your thoughts on Hale Ali'i, the $26 million property in Maui that you’re currently featuring. What makes it a “RUHM-worthy” estate?

Hale Ali'i is Maui's premiere beachfront estate. Being one of the most expensive properties on the island, the home’s marketing package needed to be stronger than average to defend a premium price point amongst lower value homes.

Hale Ali'i - Maui, HI

Securing a buyer for a $26 million property requires targeted channels, creative thinking, and a knowledge of how that demographic speaks, thinks, and congregates (or just a lucky break—but no one can count on that). Hale Ali'i was on the market previously and even featured in some of the world's most respected real estate publications, but it still didn't manage to secure a buyer. It was just another gorgeous mansion without a story.

Hale Ali'i

We saw an opportunity to shift the discussion from price per square foot to the experience of being in this unreal place. It's indescribable—and that's the type of challenge we love.  We tried something totally different and unexpected—having to search out the technology to make our ideas work. We’re pretty happy we took the risk.

Are you open to packaging and promoting other high-end assets aside from real estate? 

Though we specialize in luxury properties over $10 million, we’re always open to new opportunities—from yachts, to hotels, to private residences, we have a wide network and the background of selling high-end dwellings to targeted affluent audiences.

RUHM Highlight

For those interested in becoming one of your exclusive clients, how can they get in touch? 

Anyone interested in knowing more or seeing if his or her property may be a good fit for RUHM can email us at Hello@RUHM.com, or contact me at (949) 891-0177.

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