Wendy Berry Discusses Summer Trends and Decorating a Cramped Space

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What patterns, colors, or materials are trending for this summer?

We strive for a classic, timeless aesthetic with an interjection of interchangeable accents and accessories such as bedding, pillows, and lamps that may follow seasonal trends. We love bold patterns with crisp colors such as navy blue, coral, or aegean blue contrasted with an off-white or flax to create a simple yet elegant look. This color scheme coupled with natural textures and patterns such as woven abaca or sisal rugs keeps a timeless fresh look that is perfect for summertime.




What strategies would you employ in decorating an exceptionally cramp space?

Initially when we are presented with a small space, we see this as an opportunity to get creative! Architectural details are a W Design signature. We plan the function of the small space and create details to enhance it.

Details such as mirrors strategically placed inside built-in shelving trick the eye to expand a space visually. Appropriately scaled and appointed moldings divide spaces such as dining banquettes and home offices architecturally. Built-in foyer and dining room shelving brought to the ceiling make a small room seem larger by dividing rooms while keeping an open feel and not obstructing the view. Repeating a color scheme throughout a space can also enhance flow and cohesiveness.




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