Reviving a Florida Farmhouse: The Knot + Tide Design Story

Knot + Tide Interiors

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Photo Credit: Courtesy of: Knot + Tide Interiors

In the realm of interior design, each project possesses its own distinctive narrative. This is the captivating story of a Florida Farmhouse's remarkable transformation, a tale brimming with creativity, innovation, and collaborative spirit. Join the journey through the evolution of this charming farmhouse and gain insights from the talented designers themselves.

Explore the imaginative minds of Chantal Warmoth and Hillary DiSabato, the dynamic design duo reshaping coastal living through Knot + Tide.

Photo Credit: Courtesy of: Courtesy of: Knot + Tide Interiors

The Initial Vision

Upon entering the old house, Chantal and Hillary's vision was crystal clear—a modern Florida Farmhouse. The architectural bones, character, and untapped potential of the house were unmistakable, waiting for a revitalizing touch. Collaborating with Limitless Development, they crafted a functional floor plan and selected materials that seamlessly blended warmth with bold neutral tones.

Collaboration with Limitless Development

Working with Limitless Development is a delightful process. Before acquiring the property, Limitless already saw its potential. Their ability to envision beyond the surface, recognizing the inherent qualities of the property in terms of its bones, floor plan, and location, makes the collaborative design process immensely enjoyable.

Photo Credit: Courtesy of: Knot + Tide Interiors

The Design Process

The transition of ownership during the project required a seamless shift. The new homeowner had already fallen in love with the design concept, making the transition effortless. The designers tailored the furniture and décor package to the new homeowner's family needs, all while preserving the original design direction.

Challenges and Creative Solutions

The project began amidst the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, which resulted in substantial construction and ordering hurdles. Material shortages and extended lead times for appliances slowed down construction. To overcome these obstacles, the team implemented material changes and found temporary appliances, ensuring the project's continuity. On the customer's end, delays in the ordering process were addressed by selecting key pieces with shorter lead times, facilitating an earlier move-in while adhering to the budget.

Photo Credit: Courtesy of: Knot + Tide Interiors

Furniture and Decor Choices

Custom upholstery is a hallmark of K+T designs, but due to timing considerations, a mix of custom and in-stock options was utilized. While the family room sofa was an in-stock choice for immediate use, custom upholstery adorned other sofas, chairs, counter stools, and even the upholstered bed.

Photo Credit: Courtesy of: Knot + Tide Interiors

Pride in the Project

The designers take immense pride in preserving the house's original rounded archways, which added character and warmth to the space. The transformation of a house once deemed beyond repair into one that embodies beauty and character, both inside and out, stands as a testament to their dedication. The new, functional floor plan now facilitates beautiful family memories in a space that has become the talk of the town.

In conclusion, this design journey underscores the power of vision, collaboration, and creative solutions. It serves as a testament to the potential of every space, even those that others may consider beyond salvation. Through their work on this Florida Farmhouse, Chantal and Hillary have not only preserved the past but also created a space where the present and future can flourish, setting an example for design excellence in the industry.

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