Renee West on Huntington Beach Real Estate

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What is the most challenging aspect of the real estate business in Huntington Beach?

One of the most difficult barriers to completing a residential real estate transaction in today's market is the appraisal. We are faced with sellers accepting a sales price that does not comp out. At that point, both the buyer and the seller will need to re-negoiate or the Buyer will just walk away from the deal.

Generally, there is a meeting of the minds and the transaction closes.

What would you consider to be the most desirable feature of your market?

The weather is great year-round. The activities are plenty, and there is never a shortage of great dining, various activities for families or couples and beautiful scenery.

What is your favorite summer activity or event in Huntington Beach?

My favorite activity in the summer involves spending time on my electric boat. I'll invite my friends, family, or clients to spend an afternoon touring the Newport Harbor. We bring food and drinks for all to enjoy. The bonus is identifying the real estate sales activity on the Bayfront. Everyone loves to hear who bought a property, what a house sold for, and what is presently listed for sale on the Bay.

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