Reiko Lewis Talks Design Programs, Apps and Social Media

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What programs and apps do you feel you can’t live without in your field? What about them is useful to you, and why would you recommend them?

Social media is a great tool and asset for any business professional, but particularly a great source of inspiration for those in the design field. In particular I find that a lot of my clients get ideas from social media outlets like Pinterest. Using these examples, I can work closely with them to translate these ideas into real-life designs that fit their specific needs.

I would recommend to clients or anyone planning an interior design project to turn to social media – if they haven’t already -- as a great outlet to spark creativity and get excited about design. One that I love is Houzz ( an online tool for home remodeling and design. Houzz connects homeowners with design enthusiasts and professionals from around the world, helping users get design inspiration, advice and information.

By using tools like Houzz and Pinterest you can find things that you haven’t thought of, color combinations you haven’t tried or new breakthroughs in interior design. It’s great to be able to take the best of things you do like and marry it together into a project that is truly your own!

How do you feel like social media has changed your industry and career? How do you use social media to your advantage?

Social media has changed the interior design world – I believe for the better. While I see the importance and benefit in utilizing social media for business, I understand the significant investment of time and resources it requires to do it right.

While I currently only utilize LinkedIn, there are definitely other social media tools out there that I would like to start using. For example, Pinterest is a great social media outlet to find, create and cull ideas and inspiration for future projects, as well as to share ideas from past projects with clients and others looking for ideas.

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